Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Truth That Will Set Smith Free

I missed the Pacquaio-Morales match. I didnt see those killer punches that made Morales land on his rear-end and bade his boxing career Adios! I did not witness Manny's triumphant moment when his shining fist was raised up in the air. But it was just fine, I had expected that the boy will clinch it. Manny is a living proof that the little brown guy can dance (to the tune of Eye of the Tiger).

But I would never want to miss the Nicole-Lance Corporal Daniel Smith bout dubbed as "The Subic Bay Rape Case".
The wayward white boy, Lnce Crprl Daniel Smith got the upperhand over the little brown b*tch, Nicole, when the latter was dumped on one of Subic's streets; pants missing, with a used condom and vivid accounts of how it all happened.

Needless to say, Nicole regained her composure, odds being reversed and the next things we see, is a triumphant verdict of guilty beyond reasonable doubt, in favor of Nicole.

The process must have been long and ardous for Nicole, but her fight is just beginning. Good(?) 'Ole Uncle Sam will definitely interfere and pull the necessary (puppet) strings to change the direction of the case. As I am tapping on my keyboard, GMA's minions are expressing their support to the U.S.'s suggestion(?) of transferring Smith to a U.S. facility, while the case is still being elevated to the Court of Appeals.

Moreso, Nicole is not only seeking justice for this crime commited against her but she was also resisting the pull to conform to centuries-old of inferiority complex and lack of national pride.Nobody knows when her fight will end, maybe until all of her hope and strenght are consumed.

The simple truth is that rape is a crime. It was commited against the poor girl and the verdict was simply to dispense justice. But since Smith is an American serviceman, protected by the provisions of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), he can just be shipped back to his country, singing "Star-spangled Banner" and get on with his life. He might even choose to order a Filipina bride online. This is the sad truth that will set Smith free. Nicole's case will then be just another statistic.