Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tapping the Right Resources

I am amazed at how this circus called politics can put up heart-pounding stunts and amusing gimmicks. I got entertained with the recently concluded May Elections as candidates showed a dazzling array of talents- some ate fire as they belt out tunes while some danced on burning coal- just to land a spot under the political sun.
After three full moons, the dust should have settled by now.But not for Ping, one of the circus masters,who believes that the dust should never be allowed to settle.Or there will be no more dust to sting the public's eyes.
Ping has found himself a new show dog. He calls him Doble. This show dog can do moving renditions of "Through the Fire", and "Long-distance Love Affair." But Doble's most celebrated trick is his ability to intercept and record phone conversations-a trick that catapulted Garci to stardom.And introduced the best-selling single, "Hello Garci!"
But Doble doesn't stop there. He also knows how to dance to the tune of two million bucks. oh yes,Doble is serving Ping's purpose of keeping the audiences engaged and mezmerised.
Only Ping can tell when it's curtains for Doble the showdog.By then, he will be remembered for his heart-felt version of "My Way" ending with a big bang. BANG!

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