Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Pedicab Driver

The chair where I settled myself was a little rickety. It creates a noisy,creaking sound every time I move. Now is my turn to speak to the old guy and this chair is bothering me.

In a perfunctory manner, he asked me, "How would you like your life on Earth be - an English panhandler, an American bum, or a Filipino pedicab driver?"

I replied, "It's time to replace this chair, Sir. It's battered and worn-out. And the creaking sound!"

"My child, that chair is none of your business. Now, choose! Or go back to the end of the line."

I looked over the old man's shoulder and saw the soul before me as he prepares for his life on Earth. "May I know Sir, what kind of life he is about to endure on Earth?"

"Oh, that guy? He will become a fashion designer. Life with waifer-thin girls in stilettos, flashy and fabulous. Now choose."

"Wow, can I have that kind of life too?"

"No, you cannot. This lifetime can't have too many fashion designers. I have already assigned 10 fashion designers for this cycle. Would you like to hear your options again?"

"That's okay, no need to repeat them, Sir. May I just get a preview of what's in store for me if I choose one of those options?"

"And why would I allow you such privilege?"

"Sir, I am going to spend a good 50 to 60 years of my life under the conditions entailed by whatever kind of life I choose. I need to have an informed decision."

"And what do I get in return?"

"You will never hear me complain, not single word. I will make it known how happy I am with my choice."

"Okay, it is a deal."

Just as when the scenes are about to unfold before my eyes, I feel the rickety chair giving up under my weight.

Then I wake up. Sitting inside a pedicab while waiting for my next passenger.

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